Hello World


echo “hello world”;


Well, if you try to anything at all on the computer for the first time, “hello world is a standard” so that’s a start i guess. Not quite sure if i should throw in tech stuff, philosophy or just pictures of big busted nude babes. Acceptable choices i guess.

Or how about pretending to be “cool” and make a really cryptic blog called “life traveler”  and delude that a niche group of people find it cool and follow it religiously? Wait a sec, i already tried that a few years back. Damn, am i stupid. So why do i want to start a new blog?

1>Simple answer:- Tired of reading and wish to vent a few words of my own.

2>complex answer:- Existential crisis, so maybe a really popular blog can justify the worth of my existence to me?

3>relativity:- Since we can see the past and not the future, we go through time backwards. (Plagiarized from somebody who i think is the rightful heir who penned “She looked like she had been poured into her cloths and forgot to say when”)[1].

How that we got that bit of nonsense out of the way, I think my first post should have some eye candy. So here is a video. If any females are reading this blog and look like that, contact me.

On second thoughts, if you are a girl and have read this far contact me.

Thinking a little more, if you posses the basic functional aspects of a girl, contact me.

…should probably stop thinking and start reasoning.

Hmmm, what else should go into the first blog post?

Did you know that if you put absolute layouts under tabbed hosts, toast doesn’t display anything on the screen for all the builds of android out till now? Took me a bloody day to figure that out!! It doesn’t even throw and exception or anything…

And 70% of Americans think the Earth completes one revolution of America every 365 days. And about 69% of them bump into me on a daily basis.[2]

Think that’s enough Brownian motion in the first post, I’ll actually put together a theme for the post from next time.

Forgot to add, Ichigo vs Aizen fight sucked, and trashing Bangladesh doesn’t prove the mettle of the Indian team.

[1] ha!! If you were expecting references, raspberry to your face. I wrote a big fat thesis and done enough referencing to last a lifetime So, http://www.uncyclopedia.org

have fun with that 😛

[2] 70% is an arbitrary number so that everyone can think they belong to the remaining 30%. Truth being, its actually close to 100% 😀

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